Why You Need A Website With Your Name On It

The World Wide Web - The Great Equalizer

Anyone can make their own website. There's a myriad of services available online that anyone can use and you don't even have to learn how to code, or even have a good eye for design to make one.

What differentiates you from the cookie-cutter websites out there will be what you call your website. Many people opt to choose for a unique name, or simply call it with a play on words on the theme of the website. Then there are those that use their own name. This post is about that last one, and why you would want to use your own name on your website.

The Business Conference Test

Imagine you're at a business conference. You're there to network, to fish for any potential opportunities. You're dressed up professionally, carrying a nice smile with that new haircut.

So, how do you introduce yourself?

What name do you normally give to others? Unless you're a secret agent or a spy, it's in the best interest of all parties that you give your full name so they can put a name to a face when they try to recall meeting you. Just the same as you would expect anyone that you're meeting.

The Google Test

What's The Google Test? Simple. Type in your name in a Google search, then ask yourself: do I like what I see?

Your answer usually falls into one of several categories:

  • There are search results about you, and they are positive.
  • There are search results about you, and you don't like some of them.
  • There are no search results about you.

So you have positive search results - Good. Then the follow-up question is: am I happy if these search results are seen by a potential business associate, colleague, love interest, or even my family?

You don't like the search results - What constitutes these? There are many things that can be considered as a negative search result. The most basic is from your home address being publicly listed (a common occurrence especially to those who vote), to a person with the same name as yours being associated with things you don't like (ever have the same name as a porn star?), to having really negative news like crime associated to you.

There are no search results about you - I often talk to people who say that they would rather keep it this way. This is the same as having a blank piece of paper. But guess what, that piece of paper is on the internet and anyone can write your narrative.

I Don't Have Time For That

We are now used to having information within a few keystrokes away. Decisions are made in an instant, most often in a few seconds. Being able to put your best foot forward has never been more important than it is today. Your digital footprint (no pun intended) is usually the first thing that people will come across.

Having your own website with a domain name similar to your professional name also helps with search engine rankings. This makes it easy for people to find you, and to find the good content about you, since you get to decide what content is out there.

Having your own .com (or any other extension, .london sounds really nice) is a fantastic conversation starter, and especially a conversation finisher. "You can just Google my name." does have a nice ring to it, don't you think?