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Why You Need A Website With Your Name On It

The World Wide Web - The Great Equalizer Anyone can make their own website. There's a myriad of services available online that anyone can use and you don't even have to learn how to code, or even have a good eye for design to make one. What differentiates you from the cookie-cutter websites out there will be what you call your website. Many people opt to choose for a unique name, or simply call it with a play on words on the theme of the website. Then there are those that use their own name. This post is about that last one, and why you would want to use your own name on your website. The Business Conference Test Imagine you're at a business conference. You're there to network, to fish for any potential opportunities. You're dressed up professionally, carrying a nice smile with that new haircut. So, how do you introduce yourself? What name do you normally give to others? Unless you're a secret agent or a spy, it's in the best interest of all parti

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